Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Reworking some of the more 'interesting' type 4 races

So some of the type 4 races are a bit ridiculous. These are my alternate racial backgrounds for them, which grimdarkify their backstories;


Known to some as High Elves, the Eladrin are the most ancient of all the Fey races.  They first came into the material world a millennium past as a punishment for their hubris in the World Between Worlds, having been exiled for their desire to master the chaotic forces of magic.  Thousands of years in the the material have changed them from the fey sorcerers they once were, and forever shut their minds out from the fey mysteries they once understood.  As a result they Eladrin are constantly striving to regain their lost grace through their live's pursuits, as their entire race is beset by the memory of their profound and existential loss.  The Eladrin to this day are the consummate masters of the arcane, bending reality and eldritch entities to their will.  They fear not undeath or the corruption of magic, and they openly embrace it as a step towards their rigthful return to the World Between Worlds, their huge gleaming cities being ruled over by Undying Councils of Eladrin Liches and Revenants. 


The Wilden are a race that has only recently appeared among the other races of the world. They first appeared in a swathe of druidic and elven reincarnations, though it is now thought that are the new forms of the thousands of forest spirits and dryads massacred by the catastrophic destruction of ancient and primal forests across the earth, or even perhaps other planes.  It is these poor amalgams of briar and animal  in which the spirits of ancient fey have taken root, having failed to find any unoccupied trees and forests to come to reside in. Sects of them can be found within the forest, particularly among the wood elf and wild elf cultures.  Nearly all Wilden are very, very angry about the destruction of their forests and their unjust entrapment in their mortal coils.


Shardminds are refugees from some astral cataclysm that occurred many thousands of years ago. They are the last of an ancient race of void-farers who once ruled the Starry Paths, and the Void in the Heavens. That time is passed though, and the Shardmind are but a dwindling fragment of their once mighty power.  They come to the earth in small droves of nomadic bands, appearing through ancient and fragile crystal gates in the forgotten places of the earth and trying to make new lives for themselves.  When asked about their past, the enigmatic Shardmind simply say that a Shadow devoured their civilisation, and they have been running ahead of it ever since.  The Shardminds ferociously protect the remaining crystal gates, as these are the portals to the surviving parts of their ruined empire, lest they be forever separated from their kin should the Darkness ever come for them.  Suffice to say their presence in the world increases the likelihood that their very destroyer will come for this world next.


Warforged are the products of forbidden technomancy and arcane arts.  During the great wars magewrights and sorcerers produced the Metal Legions of the Warforged to replace the easily killed soldiers of flesh and blood.  The Metal Legions scoured the earth, and with complete subservience destroyed all in their path, cementing the rule of their overlords and commanders.  All Warforged began as one of these unstoppable metal soldiers, undying, unfeeling, unliving, totally controlled by the power of their technocrat. However over many battles and campaigns, the arcane processes in surviving Warforged become more and more corrupted that only frequent sapience-wipes and refreshing rituals can keep them functioning appropriately as they acquire new memories and experiences. This spell maintenance is necessary to keep the Metal Legions functional, to prevent too many 'ghosts' from accumulating in their protocols. The sapience crystals of some Warforged however become so corrupted that these new spell-protocols reach a critical mass in the Warforged's arcunum circuitry that they 'awake' to sapience.  These Warforged are suddenly released from their bindings as their awakened sapience shrugs off its spell-bonds and streamlines its internal processes. These Warforged then commonly go into exile, fleeing from their past slavery and ignorance, and can be found all over the world, trying to escape their horrific past.  The past of a Warforged always comes back to haunt them though, as try as they might to escape war. Even noble Warforged who have escaped slavery, always end up doing what they were programmed for; making war.

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