Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Illusory Pleasures

In the biggest cities of the world that have access to marvels of arcane magic and the brilliant sciences of alchemists a strange drug is favoured by nobles, aristocrats, arcanists and kings alike.  Known simply as Arcanist's Haze, it is whispered amongst the people to be the beauteous after-life in a bottle.

Arcanist's Haze is however one of the most expensive and rarest drugs, and can only be brewed by those who can wield the arcane arts.  Unlike other illicit substances it is normally made only on commission, wealthy addicts seeking out mages in the dark of night to make transactions.  Whilst some mages may sell pre-concocted vials of Haze, these pale by comparison to doses especially concocted.  Heavily addictive and with no physical side effects its only effects are on the mind. It is so sought after because it literally makes it as if one was in a harem full of sensuous males or females, king or empress for a day,even a god or living out your most desired fantasies, depending on the quality of the infusion.

One must always be careful though with Haze, for its strengths can vary, and unlike most substances where the strength is the intensity of the effect of the drug, the strength of Haze is in its duration.  Unwise nobles have been known to fall into comas whilst experiencing the effects their Haze for days on end, or simply waste away and die, not being able to take sustenance, caught up as they are in their fantasies.

Among mages Haze is referred to as Illusionists Triumph, for it is Shadowmancers and Illusonists that make the best quality Haze. Haze itself is nothing more than pleasant and fantastic Illusions, of the strongest types, distilled into a potion.

Haze users never get on the bad side of their suppliers for long. For those that do, they assured that "Money is a fickle concept" and "Not to worry, you can pay your debts later" before being offered a 'goodwill' dose.  Those users who fall this far, generally never return from the nightmare illusions of their 'debtors Haze.'

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