Thursday, October 27, 2011

I suppose an introduction is in order...

So... here I am making a blog post.

The plan is to make a few more of these should I keep up with posting, and have interesting things to say. I use and create a bunch of tables, house rules and concepts and other people might be interested in, and so by Zak S's logic I should put that out there for other people to use, not just hoard it for myself in my secret notebooks and word documents of secretiveness.

Regardless that I have only just started to GM D&D and I have only more recently been playing (Dark Heresy, WFRP 2ed, Homebrew WFRP and Mutants and Masterminds) I have managed to come up with some stuff that I think others might find useful, and if not useful hopefully interesting.

I run a ground up setting with influences from Baldur's Gate II era Faerun, Ian Irvine's novels (particularly The Well of Echoes series), George RR Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice and Warhammer Fantasy / 40k. I aim for a grim-dark and somewhat realistic world, realistic only because I feel realism makes for easy conceptualisation of things and because I like the idea of a consistent game-world (though this is a hard mark to hit). This said I appreciate gonzo-everything goes D&D, just the world I run at the moment is not this.

It is a world (I hope) where unlicensed Mages are killed for heresy, Daemons eat Mage's souls, religion is a militant institution and my players can remake in their image.

Now for tables and stuff I guess?

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